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Interesting email....

Thats what i'll call this one....Interesting email.
It was from a while ago, but what the heck....

Letter from ex subscriber

HiYou guys just say free stuff... Do you have any idea where i am located.. well, if you do not know...hereis the information... i live in INDIA....n i can't see a single offer for a person who lives in INDIA...
Nocoupons...no competitions.. no bon-bons...
no activities... if you guys are truely working to keepthe whole world happy let me tell you...YOU ARE NOT...I am sure there are many people across different countries who feel the same way about such e-mails....SO Please do something to treat everyone alike..."Either be a man of your words or don't say a
Thank you,Laura---

Well, alrighty then. And here was my response. (yeah, I can be a little rude at times)

hahahaha, then unsubscribe.
Out of the bazillions of subscribers to this list, you are probably the only one from India. sorry. No company is going to pay $50 to send a sample to you =(

And her response back

You guys are the most sarcastic... rude... and pathetic set of people who exist.

Being polite is not something that would do any harm to you... and neither will it make your list any less... May be you should just consider writing polite notes to human beings...

And by the way..... i dont need any money from your disorganized organization...

Thanks for the no help or answer to my question...

Treating a human being like one... does not hold good for any country in specific... You do it because you are one...

Any idea how much you can demotivate a human being with your sarcasm... If you know then please do something about it...

You will never hear from me ever again...


so, was I really that bad? Lets discuss...


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Hey James,
You get ALL kinds!!! Your response was a good one.
I have a friend in England who cant get freebies either, but she is NOT cryin over that.
Maybe these 'people' should search and see what websites do offer freebies for there own country.
Now you are the punching bag for countries that cant get your freebies.
It takes ALL KINDS!!!!!
And you seem to be getting a few of them.

Weird thing is people from India are usually so nice. My husband works at motels owned by people from India and we are around them all of the time. This lady gives people from India a bad name! She needs to pray to her God and ask for help with her anger issues!


Hot in the summer?
I'd like to get rid of the -5 we have right now!


What I found interesting was her assumption that it is your job to keep the whole world happy! (if you guys are truely working to keepthe whole world happy let me tell you).

So when you get to my corner of the world (after taking care of the lack of feebies in India), could you work on making it not so freaking hot in the summer? :-D

You're the best, James.....

he he he

Allie V:

I think that your response was HILARIOUS!! And even more funny was her response back that you were rude. She was rude in her email to you, so why would she even expect a polite response?! Some people just need to be (submit own word here). I LOVE YOU JAMES!!

tina meckle:

the ha ha ha was the perfect touch, to who gives a damn, she cant be that serious about recieving freebies, do ya think? jeeze. you cant please all of the people all of the time..

W.S. Daws:

JAMES .. YOU should be flogged(?) (anybody know what the 'L' a flog is?) If anyone out there knows what this lady writ (wait a sec .. writ? write, wrote, writ .. yeah, that's rat!) PLEASE tell me, cuz I ain't gotta clue!!!


lol funny response James! even though it was a bit cold...

Robin Loechner:

Since you are based in the US, I would assume that most of the offers you list would be available to people in the US, possibly Canada...Aren't there any freebie sites on her side of the world...Hmm, maybe I will look into that for her...nah...

Joyce P:

you always put a smile on my face !!! I need it with 2 grumpy male teens

Laurie J:

ok the hahahahaha might have been a little rude but your just tellin like it is.

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