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Anna Nicole Smith Dead At The Age Of 39

I JUST saw this...

What a shame.



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Barbie M.:

I was so shocked when I heard about this the other day!I really don't think people should 'assume' anything about her death,although I know she lead a very 'fast' life. I feel really badly for her new baby. I said that to someone the other day,and they replied, "don't feel too bad as that baby is set to inherit all kinds of money"...In which I replied, "money won't make up for the loss of a mother to a child"...

rosmary haycock:

what a tragit, she was a very buetiful women with lots to live for.my heart goes out to her baby dannielynn.
what a shame people have to judge people. who in this world havnt done things that they cant say they are proud off, i think she had the right to marry some old fart if she liked . after all isnt this AMERICA. the only tragig thing wa her druging. i wish her family the best ,


Hey James,
I saw it to!!! Sorry she passed away at a young age, but when you fill your body with drugs, your heart just cant take it.
She was promoting trim spa and the truth is, she got liposuction and surgery.

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