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what a day!

Its 2 am and im still not done with the newsletter.
If your reading this, thats a good thing, huh? I put stuff here thats not in the newsletter of website =)

So lets see, we took the kids to the Shedd Aquarium today. It was pretty cool....havent been there in years. Whales, sharks, seahorses (those things are just so fascinating), and they also had The Polar Express and SpongeBob in 4-D (3-d glasses and "interactive" seats"....when spongebob sneezes, you get wet).
That was pretty cool. When we went to Disney earlier in the year, most of the shows at Unniversal Studios was like this, and Disney had a few of them.
Totally awesome.

So anyway, we get home and cook dinner.
Then I have to get ready for karate (I gotta make a video one of these days).
So im doing my moves, blah blah blah, and my buddy Jeff comes up to me with an attack. I dont know if its him coming in too close or me getting a little too excited, but I jammed my thumb right into him eyeball and I felt the SQUISH! It was nasty. But he was able to see after a little while, so I guess no harm. Sorry bud! =)

Then I came home and wifey decides she take down all of the christmas stuff and put it all away.
So guess what I have to do? Yup, help, or im sleeping with the dogs.

So here I am, 2 am, and still working on the newsletter. So bear with me!


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Today was easy. I had to take my daughter to get her hair cut. thats it.

now tomorrow might be interesting....my 6 y/o son got a metal detector for christmas and he wants to go to the beach and do some treasure hunting.
it'll be in the 50's and its his last day off before he has to go back to school on monday.

Laurie J:

WOW what a day! wonder what tomorrow will bring ya, it never ends James NEVER!!! have a good one :)


Goes to show james: A good mans job is never done, (smile)

sorry, that was the only word I can think of at 2 am =)


Your a real sweetheart for helping her. I love reading the news letter but I love the Blog, I love reading other people's blogs.


Ewwwwwww! "squish"? Yikes!
So descriptive in just one word,huh,James?
I bet he'll be staying a little further back next time...Glad your friend is ok!

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