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As most of you know, I was in Las Vegas for the Affiliate Summit between Sunday morning and Wednesday night.

It was awesome and I learned quite a few things about internet marketing & stuff like that. (behind the scenes stuff that no one probably cares about)

ok, lets do some pics....be warned though, theres probabably going to be a lot of them....

A view of the Ceasars Palace hotel and casino. We went to a party at the Club "Pure" over there on Tuesday night.


Me playing some BIG slot machine....


Me with a "showgirl".


New York New York Hotel & Casino


At night


The Flamingo (this is the hotel we stayed at)


My buddy Shawn


Me =)


Ice scupture at the Tryst niteclub (its at the Wynn Hotel)
Actually, it was one of the after hour parties hosted by Affiliate Summit


A girl dressed up as a flower at the Tryst. There were a LOT of "flowers" there. Interesting...


This pic was taken from the GhostBar niteclub.
55 stories up and they have a huge balcobny/deck, whatever. Anyway, there is a section of the floor that is made of glass where you can stand on and look straight to the ground.


My buddy Anne from CleverMoms . You know, I talk about her all the time.
Yeah, shes a little camera shy and umm, had a few too many =)


My buddy Shawn


The Wynn Hotel.


Inside the Wynn


The Stardust, which they plan on blowing up in March. Well, here's the sign.


The 4 Queens (part of downtown Vegas)


Shawn and uhhhh.....


Me and umm....


And these next 2...well, I had to scan those....



Thats about it. I dont think i'll post the other incriminating photos =)



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Comments (31)

haha, the only "free stuff" I got were those bottom pics that I scanned.
And that even cost me!
There is NOTHING free in vegas =(


really enjoyed the photos but was wondering what kind of "free stuff" you got from those show girls(after all you didn't post the indecent photos)


i have always wanted to go there. it looked like you had a great time thanks for showing such great pics.


Too cute and great to finally put faces-or at least some :) of them to favorite web sites. You realize that the third pic makes ya look 2x to make sure you're not a priest? LOL!!!!! Even my husband asked that:) Keep posting Thanks to all of you,

Michele in SC:

You & Shawn look GOOD!

naa, it was just me & the boys =)
The Pure was alright....except $8 for a beer & $14 for a mixed drink.
It was just wall to wall people. was insane.


Hi, James!
Nice to see Vegas, again! My husband and I fell inlove there, and returned a year later to get married at the Monte Carlo (we eloped! never heard the end of it from our families) That was in 1999, so it's nice to see the sights again, after so long. Looks like you had a great time there! Did you bring the wife and kids, or was it just the guys? You're lucky you got to check out, "Pure Nightclub." I've been wanting to go, since it opened. Did it meet the hype? Anyways, thanks again for the pics! Brought back some great memories!


Great pics.look like you had alot of fun.


It looks like you've had a lot of fun! ^_^

You were having a good time and met some foxy ladies, so I say keep it going


Cool pictures. Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing the fun side of you. You must have a great camera for such clear pictures.

David Price:

James great pixs hope you had a good time


Hey James,
Hmmmm should i call you 'mischief' now??? haha
Sure looks like you had a ton of fun. I have never been to vegas, looks very, very busy.
Thanks for sharing all these pics, and what about those other pics you arent talking about???? hehe
Why they takin down the Stardust???? Shame!!!!
Love ya James..keep up the great work!!!!!!

Lisa Neres (Rogers):

Thank you for sharing the photos. I am happy for you that you had a good time and a safe trip to and fro.
Thank you for all the great freebie offers and for thinking of us subscribers for sharing bits and pieces of your life and trips. You are a very nice man and I appreciate all that you do. God Bless you and again thank you.


Pics are really great, nice to put a face to you after getting all the freebies you offer.
Love your freebie site, got lots of good ones. Have not won any contest yet, but i'll keep on trying. Keep up the fantastic work.

Marisol Rodriguez:

James YOU SUCH A COOL GUY!!SO... UMMM Where is the rest of the pictures???? LOL!

ps.. about the free samples... can you please tell the people if the sample requiere shipping and handling. And the one 3 steps... oh baby I really hate those LOL!!
take care !! thanks for everything!


Great pictures, James. Looks like you all had a great time. Makes me want to pack up and go to Vegas.


Loved looking at your pics of Vegas. My friend was just there for a week and I recognized several places. Looks like everyone had a blast. Ahhh to be young again.

Huggles, Nanajoanie


That "flower" sure looked ready to be picked,it's to bad about the Stardust though.

Wayne Federline:

Anybody tell you to come to Cherokee NC to see the casino of O'Harrah's, just go ahead and whack em upside the head!...Kevin pooh!


Oh, James, you are a mischiefious one, aren't you. Looks like you were having tons of fun. LOL.


Looks like you had a really good time , great photos; you are such a cuttie.


Awww come on James, post the other pics. Grins. I'm surprised that there were no autograph opts. BTW how much was the big slot you played, and did you win?

Pamela Ingersoll:

Looks like you had a great time and had some nice weather, at least by Michigan standards. Although we have been pretty lucky missing some bad weather others are getting and it's been pretty mild. I am glad you all looked like you where having a good time, where was your wife? Bet she's laughing at you and doesn't mind a bit. Good ones are that way.


Hey first off i have to say I LOVE love love love your hat!
now that I got that out of the way...u guys looked like u had so much fun-I cant wait for my next trip to vegas now!
I'm sure u learned alot to.
what a fun job! btw are you...soooo in trouble with the mrs now???-lol
shes was like hum...alot of showgirls-lol


Thanks, Loved the pics. Now I will have to find a sweep w/ trip win to Vegas :~).


What is it they say...."what happens in Vegas,stays in Vegas"? heehee
Just kidding,James!Thank you for sharing your photos,it looks like you guys had a great time. I've never been to Vegas-it always looks like it would be too fun! Would love to see all the lights...millions of them there,huh?
I've said this before,and I'm gonna say it again: THANK YOU for all the work you do to find us all the goodies!One of my favorite things about your letter,is the fact that you forewarn us all about the step two offers,ect.That way we know what we're getting into ahead of time! ;)
Have a great day!


It looks like you all had fun while in Vegas too! Thks. for sharing photos with all of us! It's great to be able to see what you look like, James! I know I've said this before, but you do a wonderful job with the free site and we all appreciate it!


thanks for the awsome pics and the website aint bad either yes I'm from the midwest can't you tell :}

yeah, it was awesome.

& well, we both have been doing internet marketing for the longest time now. This is my first "event" though just to see what the "other" guys know.

dusti sypult:

you guys look like you all had a blast
clever moms has always been such a wonderful website is she doing internet marketing too
i grew up and well kinda but now we do art work and very very fine detail we do peoples veichles and design their vinyl graphics by hand
awesome luck james with your internet marketing courses seminars
they are very interesting and you always seem to walk away with so much information and new ideas we used to tape the speakers just so we could grasp it all when we needed it
cheers dusti

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