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that levis ad

I just got this letter....
so why not?
Just add your link to the comments box!

hey james --

how about a spot on your blog for list members to put their levi's ad/entry links?

mine is: http://www.personiva.com/levis/preview.aspx?IsPublic=true&movieid=0d44b2aa-46a7-4295-98a0-1ef56adea999

That's Ben, my youngest. :-D He loves to disco.....he he he



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Thanks to everyone who had a look -- Ben was in the top five last night when I went to bed. He's still on the front page today -- if everyone would PLEASE take a look on Friday, 1/12, I'd appreciate it!!! I would love for him to be #1 -- not even so much for the gift certificate, but just cause it wold be fun for him to win -- and be able to tell people about his "ad". Thanks! Andrea

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