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Test Your Movie IQ

Test your movie IQ

We Americans love our movies. It’s amazing how many movies most of us see in our lifetimes.

But how well do you remember the movies you’ve seen? Some are memorable, while others are best forgotten.

Well, Viking has created a site to test your knowledge of movies. You have to guess the movie based on a scene from it. But there’s a twist: The scenes are created with stationery. It’s a real challenge!

If you guess all movies correctly, you qualify to win a “stack of DVDs.” Enter the name in the box below each picture. But be careful – the names must match exactly. The box will turn green when you are correct.



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Also, just a note, the contest was only open to those in the uk. But, it was great fun! Somebody has a great imagination.


sorry, its me, i am new to computers, thanks anyway


James said that the fifth answer is Indiana Jones @ the temple of doom, this is wrong, does any one have the correct answer, thanks


Am I the only one that thought that the "Moonraker" one was "Super Size Me"? LOL!


Just a heads up...I pulled this from the terms and agreements:
10. Closing date for receipt of entries is 31st December 2006. The winner will be drawn at random under independent supervision and notified by email within 4 weeks of the draw.
Either way, it's still fun to play


Hey thanks for the answers James ( and the info about the contest the terminator one I could get I tried everything from throw momma from the train to maximum overdrive to well ya get the point I didn't get it.

thanks again.

Answers! =)

Bridget Jones Diary
Edward Scissorhands
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
The Wizard of Oz
Piranha (Didn't get this one)
Reservoir Dogs (knew the movie, couldn't remember the name.)
Saturday Night Fever
The Birds
The Hunt for Red October
The Shining
The Terminator (Never would have guessed this one)
The Usual Suspects
This is Spinal Tap
American Beauty
The Spy Who Loved Me or Moonraker (Both work)
Star Wars

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