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Some pics

The family at my nieces birthday party yesterday.


And some more....
niece (she turned 20) and cousins.
And of course my boy trying to ham it up.



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THE PERSON WHO SAID:Yup that little guy...is a mini version of you. I AM WHO YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!:(

Daaa CAT:

Awwwwww Thanks for puttin up pics James!!!! Yup that little guy...is a mini version of you.
Birthday parties are soooo much fun..bet u had a blast!!!!

& yeah, one of these days.


are u going to post more pictures? of your family and you ? ur kids are cute


OMG ..Who is that strange lookin (?) man in the pic .. looks to me like a stalker or sumthin like dat! Might be that's HE'S WANTED IN 9 STATES!!

Sandi Davidow:

What wonderful family pictures..


You have a beautiful family. My kids are (girls) 23 & 15 and my son is 18. Enjoy them while they are young because they grow up way to fast.


great family photos james, my kids are all over the country,so its hard to get a group photo anymore. love your newsletter everyday,look forward to it everyday!

thank you.
and yeah, thats my "mini me"


The little boy looks like you. Could be yours. LOL


Thanks for sharing your great looking family! I love this page, have it on my shortcuts check it out every day. Thanks for all you do...
God's Blessing to you and yours...

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