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Free Sawzall blade

Remember that huge drillbit that a lot of people got last year?
well, now its a blade....



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Hey James....yup signed up for this to....you know i love your site....i tell u all the time!!!! :)
Lovin this blog thingie to...AWESOME!!!
I got something from wally world today...move free..yup off your site...:) So these people that think you dont get anything..and thinks its B.S.
Should we even tell em??? haha


Metalaica and a blade-Oh my DH is DONE!-lol
james U ROCK!
I am lovint this blog thing-now we can keep track of our freebies here-and show all them losers who say nahhhhhhhhhhhhh
I saw nener nener nenerr


have not won anything yet, but received a lot of good freebies. Love your site keep up the good work. Maybe i'll win something 1 day. Thanks again

thank you, I appreciate it.

I like this too because I can pretty much post anything I want without restrictions.
and to top it off, everyone who says freebies are bs...well, they can post too and see real time replies from people who really get things!

I love it! =)

Nancy Hollender:

James Just love the blog and the offers that might not last long you are posting.
Thanks alot!! for the exxtra work:)

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