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excellent deal on a fancy feast snowglobe!

You'll need to send then $2.99 plus 12 UPC symbols.

Gotta hurry though. It expires January 31, 2007.



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I've collected labels from Fancy Feast cans two different times for their special offers, but both times my check was returned, with a letter apologizing because the item was no longer available. The calendar offer was even sent to me via USPS a few weeks ahead of any advertisements running about the offer!

I only feed canned food to my 6 cats on Saturdays, but I was still able to collect labels quickly to send without delay, but I won't go out of my way for these offers again. Especially when they couldn't even honor the people who responded to their mailed invites!


read in a forum right after this became available that snow-globes typically contain anti-freeze. I wrote to them asking about the composition of theirs, since pets typically pull down ornaments/decorations. My query went unresponded to, so I did not buy one.

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