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Anyone up for some club pogo?

This is for 7 free days AND 25,000 tokens.

Good deal? I dont know. I dont use pogo.



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wendy hieter:

I'm addicted to Pogo!The games are great and it's for all ages.They have a conduct type code so it's even safe for the kids.They also have the option to chat while you play,i've seen people that are in different states,that are family go on at the same time and game and play together and talk.You've got 2 ways to join,you've given the info for the "free trial"after that times over you can pay a small yearly fee to stay subscribed as a "premium"player(you get extra's).If you don't want to pay you can still join as a "basic"member,which is free,i belong to the "free" version,and ENJOY it!You can do your profile,it's a bit of info on you and your likes and dislikes.You don't have to,it's all up to you.The only drawback to Pogo,it's soo addicting,i love it!have fun,maybe when you join we can chat a bit while we play guys:)Wendy

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Laurie J:

Pogo is ok but IWIN.COM ROCKS~is a way better site!. jmo.

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